Tuesday, July 14, 2020

August 6th Meeting Cancelled

50 Year Presentations
50-year certificates will be mailed through the postal system to those living outside the local area.

August 6th Meeting Cancelled

The Valley Annual Communication
will be mailed in August.

After conversations with the Executive Committee, and others, it was decided to cancel the meeting for concerns of accidentally exposing members to the novel Covid-19 virus. WE JUST CAN NOT GUARANTEE THAT NO ONE WILL ACCIDENTALLY BE EXPOSED TO THE NOVEL COVID-19 VIRUS.  Follow your State and local government's guidelines for the prevention of the virus.

We will, of course, keep you posted when the Valley will next hold a meeting.  The Valley Annual Communication is scheduled to be mailed in August.


Honoring the Spring and Fall Classes of 1970
The AASR, Orient of Missouri, Valley of St Joseph

Billy K Baber 32°         Lloyd N Brown 33°
Sanford E Coker 32°       Thomas L Duty 32°
William P Knudsen 32°      Robert O Matter 32°
Michael K Monk 32°      Harold E Mosser 32°
Ralph L Rupe 33°        William V Simmons 32°
Robert C St John 32°        William H Strop 33°
George R Stuber 32°        Lyle M Woodward 32°
David G Gilliam 32°

Friday, April 17, 2020

History of The Valley of St Joseph

Valley of St Joseph, Class of 1906

Original Valley of St Joseph Cathedral Building, photo taken in 1906